sábado, 29 de janeiro de 2011

Woman's liberation

In old times, women’s role was to have babies, raise the children and take care of the house.
Many religions taught that woman must be controlled by man. “A woman must never be free.” (Hindu Code)
At present, people don’t accept these ideas, they encourage women’s liberation and accept that women have two roles; one at home and one at work. But, when women look for work outside home, they can find only a few kinds of jobs. The most common are: secretaries, typist, clerks, booksellers, teachers, waitresses, etc.
Some women work in light industries such as canning food, packing drugs or work in cleaning hospitals, hotels and restaurants.
Many women work outside their houses today, but they still earn low wages.
Few countries give women the same rights as men. In some parts of the world women cannot vote or sign documents.
Today there is a great movement all over the world for women’s rights.

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